Meet Jessica – One Of Our Many Happy Plumbing Customers 

Jessica is a mother of three who gets up early, works full-time, and homeschools her kids. After the “working” day is over, she has cooking, cleaning, homework, extracurricular activities for the kids, with which her spouse helps out, and a book club she attends once a week. She goes to bed at 9 pm on the dot every night, because she knows 4:30 comes early to start another day. Jessica does not have time or energy for “one more thing” in her life.

One day, she wakes up late at night and realizes she’s thirsty. She goes to the kitchen and makes it two steps into the door when she notices her foot is wet. Turning on the light, she discovers the kitchen floor is covered in an inch and a half of standing water and quickly becoming a lake!

What does Jessica do now?

If you guessed she calls an emergency plumber near me, you’re right! 

The problem is, even a “24-hours plumbing company” doesn’t always respond right away. 

Even if they do, these usually route customers with after-hours plumbing emergencies to a 24hour emergency answering service, who then schedules the customer an appointed time within a certain window or block of time during the normal business hours. This means the plumbing emergency has time to cause added water damage, which the “24hour plumber” can shrug off because they’re not the ones who set the schedule. Because of the delay, the homeowner now has to figure out water damage restoration services in addition to the actual plumbing situation which caused the problem in the first place. Adding insult to injury, many plumbing services which advertise being a 24hour plumber near you schedule you for regular business hours and then charge a premium emergency fee for nights, weekends, or holidays!

Does that sound like an emergency plumber you’d trust with your home or business? Of course not!

Fortunately, Jessica knows Ultimate Plumbing is the local plumber who offers and delivers true service around the clock, from the live person who answers the phone to the plumbers who show up to address her plumbing issue. She makes the call and in just a few minutes, one of our friendly 24-hour plumbers near her is at the door, ready to get the problem fixed and her life and home back to normal. She knew who to expect, so she’s dressed and ready for the doorbell, and the plumber finds and fixes the issue quickly. 

Sure, it costs a little more to get emergency service at night before a holiday, but Jessica knows she’ll save a lot of money by getting the water problem fixed before it has the chance to become a major health hazard that requires more intensive remediation.

When you need an “emergency plumber near me,” the only name you need to know is Ultimate Plumbing. 

Keep reading to get answers to frequently asked questions about our 24/7/365 emergency plumbing services and why we are the plumber the greater Lake Norman, North Carolina area trusts for ALL your plumbing needs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Plumber Near Me in Mooresville, NC 28115 and the Surrounding Area


Question: When do I need to hire an emergency plumber? –Ekaterina, Denver, NC

Answer: A good rule of thumb for hiring an emergency plumber is to look at the current situation as a whole. In the example above, an inch and a half of standing water on your floor when it was bone-dry four hours before is a huge warning sign that you need an emergency plumber RIGHT NOW. A simple drip from leaking pipes which isn’t getting any bigger or worse over the course of several hours probably doesn’t warrant emergency repair and is better to schedule online or by calling our office for a regular service call, especially if it’s a very slow one which you can easily control by keeping a bucket or pan under the drippage point until a plumber can come out and perform leak detection to identify the source and make an effective leak repair, as long as it doesn’t get any worse. Likewise, drain clogs on their own would normally not be considered an emergency unless your plumbing system is impacting your sewer system and causing it to back up beyond what your sump pump’s capacity and/or backflow preventer can handle. If you smell gas, which suggests your gas lines are leaking, or you see a lot of water, such as you’d expect from a burst pipe, you definitely need an emergency plumber onsite as soon as possible. DO NOT stay in the house or business! Get everyone out as quickly as possible and call Ultimate Plumbing from a safe location, such as a neighbor’s house. If you smell gas, you should also call the local gas company to let them know so they can turn off the service to your home until the gas line repair is complete.


Question: What are the most common emergency plumbing repairs or services offered? –Miguel, Statesville, NC

Answer: Almost anything involving water lines or gas lines can become an emergency, depending on what caused the problem. In some cases, a simple gas line repair can fix the problem. In other cases, such as with frozen pipes, the plumbing system’s water supply may need to be turned off completely so we can do a water line replacement and removal of the compromised sections and insulate them to prevent further problems.

Ultimate Plumbing & Repair offers services including:

  • bathtub repair
  • boiler install
  • commercial hvac
  • commercial plumbing
  • garbage disposal installation
  • garbage disposal repair
  • indoor air quality solutions
  • ductless and mini split cooling and heating systems
  • plumbing inspection
  • plumbing installation
  • plumbing video camera inspection
  • sewer line repair
  • shower repair
  • sink repair
  • slab leaks
  • swamp cooler
  • system maintenance
  • trenchless sewer
  • water line repairs
  • and more.

Whether you need a simple drain clog repair or a severe foundation leak taken care of, Ultimate Plumbing & Repair is here to help you get your home or office back to running smoothly as quickly as possible, whether it’s noon on a Monday or midnight on Christmas Day!


Question: How much does an emergency plumber cost? –Jessilyn, Danvers, NC

Answer: This is one of the most common questions we receive. How much an emergency or after-hours call will cost depends on:

  • the type of problem we’re dealing with,
  • how much is known about the issue before we start
  • any additional steps we have to take to operate safely and prevent further damage while we work on the problem
  • how accessible the area we’re working in is and whether we have to explore to locate the source of the issue

Placing a call to emergency plumbers is always more expensive than business-hours calls. This is because we’re not a franchise, but a locally owned and operated plumbing service. Our on-call staff, from the dispatcher to the plumbers we send, are working outside of normal business hours. Our plumbers can be pulled away from, or unable to attend, functions with friends, family and loved ones or things they enjoy. In order to make it viable to have them available at odd hours, we have to pay them more. However, we think you’ll agree it’s a lot cheaper to have an emergency plumber come and address the problem than it is to wait and have to add a complete structural renovation to your list of New Year’s activities! We do give you notice of any additional fees for night, weekend and holiday work, full information about our estimates and what they include, and we offering financing options to customers with approved credit so a plumbing emergency doesn’t have to be devastating to their bank balances.


Question: What if I have gushing water, a sewage problem or a plumbing emergency? –Dana, Troutman, NC

Answer: If you notice any of the signs you mentioned, don’t treat it like you’re in Las Vegas with an unlimited bankroll to gamble! You need to call an emergency plumbing service immediately for expert tips on mitigating the damage until they can get out to deal with the underlying issue. November through March bring winter storms with heavy rains, and May through October is peak hurricane season. Heavy storms, cold snaps and rain events are when you’re most likely to experience weather-related water problems. However, plumbing emergencies can happen any time of the day or night, for any reason. When you need an emergency plumbing service, check out our customer reviews and privacy policy, then give Ultimate Plumbing & Repair a call!  


Question: I’m not sure if my personal plumbing problem needs an emergency response? –Alexei, Mooresville, NC

Answer: If you’re not sure, it’s always better to assume it is and find out it wasn’t than to ignore it until it becomes the real thing. It’s far less expensive to pay for an unnecessary emergency repair than to find out later that the “tiny leak” you thought was “no big deal” has been giving toxic mold and fungi a fertile living space rent-free in your home or business, which requires more aggressive measures to deal with. Small leaks, clogs and slow drains are usually not an emergency, but could become one very quickly. It’s better to schedule a repair and then call for emergency service if needed if you possibly can. Be sure to give the dispatcher all the information you can about the problem when you schedule so the plumber knows what they’re dealing with and can manage the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Question: Do plumbers come at night? –Katie, Hickory, NC

Answer: Most places which offer 24/7 plumbing mean they have an answering service around the clock, but don’t actually send their plumbers out at all hours. Ultimate Plumbing & Repair does, though! Someone is always in the office to answer your call, and we can get a plumber in your zip code to you as quickly as possible. Whether you’ve got a small leak at 3pm or a burst pipe at 3am, we’ve got you covered with real emergency service, any time of the day or night. Don’t take chances with your plumbing emergency. Call Ultimate Plumbing & Repair and find out why we’re the plumber near you Mooresville and the greater Lake Norman area trusts for yourself!