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We recently caught up with Nick from Ultimate Plumbing  during a residential job. He was called to the home because of a sewer smell coming from the home’s finished basement, raising concerns of a septic or sewer issue. Using a device known as a “sniffer,” which can detect chemicals such as methane, propane, natural gas and other potentially dangerous emissions, Nick was able to trace the smell’s origin to the bathroom—specifically, the toilet bowl.

After further investigation, he removed the toilet from the floor to find the wax seal which keeps odors and water contained in the toilet bowl’s area was virtually gone, or “paper thin” as he put it. He replaced the seal and left a small gap at the back of the toilet’s base, so if the seal goes out again, the homeowners will see water on the floor and know they need to get the seal replaced again. 

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If the same issue had occurred in an apartment building, for example, the tenants with the problematic toilet might never have known. The water and sewer gas would be building up under the subfloor, damaging and undermining the floor’s structural integrity over time while creating an ideal environment for black mold and other allergens and irritants to grow, and setting the tenants beneath looking for an issue they didn’t have!

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Usually, wax seals will last the life of your toilet, with a lifespan of around 20-30 years. However, they can and do wear out due to excessive leaking water or other causes. Wax seals should be replaced any time the toilet is moved or replaced, such as when renovating a bathroom or repairing a broken sewer connection. It’s never a good idea to reuse the existing seal, because moving the toilet bowl damages the wax. In addition, a strong smell of sewer gas accompanied by leaks around the base of the toilet are a good indicator that the seal has failed and needs to be replaced. 

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Many plumbing companies might have missed the actual problem in this case, either shrugging it off or chasing phantom issues which would have added hundreds or thousands of dollars to the bill while not addressing the real issue. Ultimate Plumbing’s skilled plumbers are highly trained craftspeople who take pride in their work, and we deploy the latest in technology to help us quickly and accurately identify the cause of the problem and get it fixed right the first time, every time!  

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