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 Project Highlight

When residents and staff of a local condominium community noticed foul-smelling water rising from the ground near a manhole, they called for a Charlotte Plumber Ultimate Plumbing to investigate and correct the issue. For plumbing problems fast response, diagnosis and repair can make the difference between a minor irritation and a major headache. 

We came to the property and inspected the area the residents and staff had pointed out, which was muddy with sewer water. A member of our crew noticed an 8” sewer main was backing up into the manhole, which strongly indicated the issue lay somewhere between that manhole and the next one, 100 feet away.  


Planning The Work That  A  Charlotte Commercial Plumbing Contractor That Provides Commercial Plumbing Repairs & Installations


We needed to get down to the main, which was buried ten feet below the surface, with as little disruption to the landscaping as possible. This meant getting excavation equipment onsite to deal with removing the soil and exposing the pipe, so we could determine the best course of action. We chose a track hoe with a 3’ bucket and a Bobcat-style front-end loader to remove the soil to a spoils pile away from the main project. Because we suspected the main had been damaged, we also brought in sections of 8”-diameter Schedule 40 solid-core PVC pipe to replace the faulty sections as needed.

Excavation Of A Charlotte Broken Main Sewer Line 

Between the wet winter weather and the leakage from the sewer main, we had to contend with a lot of mud, removing roughly 115 cubic yards of saturated earth as we trenched down between the manholes in the affected area. Once we uncovered the existing main, we discovered that the terra cotta pipe had been crushed, possibly by other construction in the area, which led to the sewer line’s contents percolating up through the soil over time. 

The Commerical Plumbing Repair Breakdown

We began by removing the entire 100 feet of main between the two manholes and disposing of it. Pea gravel was laid in the bottom of the trench to provide stable bedding and drainage beneath the replacement pipe. We set and sealed the pipe sections to prevent leakage, ensured the ends lined up with the manholes and placed clean, processed soil over the top of the pipe in 8” compacted lifts to provide more stability for the main and help prevent future damage as the trench was returned to finish grade, or in layman’s terms the top of the trench.

Commercial Plumbing Services That We Offer



  • Camera line inspection
  • Sewer Drain Cleaning
  • Toilet drains
  • Commercial Water Heater Replace
  • Sewage Drain Line Repair
  • Waste Line Repair
  • Grease trap services
  • Sewer line services and repair
  • Water jetting (hydro jetting clogged drains)
  • Storm drain cleaning
  • Pipelining
  • Trenchless repairs
  • Backflow services (inspection, certification, installation of backflow kits, and backflow repair)
  • Fixture/faucet service
  • Waste Line Replace
  • Sewage Drain Line Replace
  • Toilets/urinal service
  • Icemakers
  • Drains and drain issues (both internal and external)
  • Slab leak detection and repair
  • Commercial Water Heater Repair

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Whether you’ve got a leaking sink or backed-up toilet in your single-family home, or a well tank which needs replacing or a collapsed sewer main in a commercial development, Ultimate Plumbing is proud to be the plumbing service Charlotte relies on to keep things flowing smoothly. We have the experience, knowledge and capability to tackle even the biggest jobs. For your plumbing needs, big or small, call Ultimate Plumbing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Remember when you’re looking for a Charlotte Plumber – Think of Ultiamte Plumbing & Repair!


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