Pipe Repairs, Huntersville, NC

If you’re looking for a team who can handle pipe repairs in Huntersville, call us at Ultimate Plumbing.

Pipe Repairs in Huntersville, North CarolinaBecause pipes are often buried in the ground and installed between floors and inside walls, it’s hard to know when one of the pipes in your home or office is damaged or malfunctioning. There are a few signs that often indicate you need pipe repairs. First, keep an eye on your water bills each month. Some minor fluctuation is common, since you could end up doing a few extra loads of laundry or taking longer showers one month, but major increases are always cause for concern. Even if your pipe has a small crack or leak, the dripping water can lead to major increases and excessive waste over a month.

Another indicator that a pipe isn’t working properly is a change in pressure. If you turn on a faucet in a sink or shower and the spray of water is less forceful than it has been in the past, it could mean that you have a leak in your pipe that is decreasing the pressure. Changes in water pressure can also indicate a problem with the water heater or faucet, but it’s best to bring in a plumber who can determine the cause. A third sign that you might need pipe repairs is dark or discolored spots on the wall. When moisture builds up behind drywall, it will begin to disintegrate and show brown or red spots. Don’t ignore this problem, as it is a serious one.

If you’re looking for a team who can handle pipe repairs in Huntersville, North Carolina, call us at Ultimate Plumbing. All of these signs are indicative of a pipe leak, so it’s important to get the repair process started sooner rather than later.

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