“They don’t make ‘em like they used to” is a common refrain in everything from architecture to plumbing to HVAC. What many people forget is this isn’t always a bad thing! When Mike from Mooresville first called Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC, Inc. because his furnace was on the blink with fall weather in full swing, Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC, Inc. got into action fast to get to his home and take a look at the issue.

It turned out that Mike’s furnace, which dated from somewhere between the late 60s and mid-70s, had completely gone out of commission. We took a look and, after reviewing the available options, determined the existing furnace was irreparable. To be fair, to find a furnace this old still operating in a home at all is surprising, given that the vast majority of furnaces have a maximum operational life of 25-30 years and could need replacing after only 15, depending on several factors, including how well the furnace is maintained, how often and hard it’s run during the colder months, and environmental factors which could prolong or shorten its expected lifespan.

But that wasn’t the only problem. The system’s heating coil and AC unit had also failed. Again, this was most likely a simple function of time-of-service life. Unfortunately, even the best and most robustly designed systems cannot be expected to last forever, and this one was beyond help. After reviewing the options with Mike, we concluded that replacing the existing system with a more modern, energy-efficient system would be the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective solution for Mike’s budget and his family’s comfort needs.

Once we ascertained Mike’s needs and those of his family, Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC, Inc. got to work. First, of course, we had to remove the old system from the home to clear room for the new unit to go in. This was not an easy task, as the original unit was in the basement and surrounded by a webwork of pipes and ventilation, all of which had to be dismantled. Then the old system had to be removed from the home and disposed of, and the new unit had to be swapped in. Fortunately, once the pipes and ventilation system were detached, this was not a complicated task. We simply had to get it up the stairs and load it onto a truck for disposal.

With the old unit out of the way, we installed a new Goodman 95% gas furnace and a new 2.5-ton furnace coil in the basement, plus a 2.5-ton central AC unit outside the home, which would provide more than ample heating and cooling for Mike’s house. The much newer, far more energy-efficient unit should save Mike and his family a pretty penny on their climate control energy bills year-round while assuring a cozier and more comfortable home no matter what the weather throws our way!

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