To help you determine if toilet replacement is a better option than repairs, the situations below are good guidelines.


  • Recurrent Clogs: Has your toilet become a nuisance because it needs frequent plunging? Many older toilets with low-flush systems often require more than one flush. If this is aggravating you, then it’s time for a new toilet.
  • toilet replacementIt Needs Too Many Repairs: Fixing a toilet can involve quite a few items in the tank, such as the fill valve, the flapper and the handle – to name a few. While these things can be easily repaired, it will require time and money. Weighing up repair costs against the cost of toilet replacement would be a smart practice.
  • Cracks: Over time, hairline cracks can develop on the bowl or in the tank. These could cause a flood of water at the most inopportune time. They can also be the source of small, but active leaks.
  • Scratches: As the surface of the toilet gets scratched and worn, it will become more difficult to clean. This is especially the case with older toilets, which need to be scrubbed many times. If you’re cleaning your toilet more often, then it may be time to relieve yourself of this extra maintenance with toilet replacement. An added bonus is that you can get one of the latest models with water-saving technology.

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