Plumbing ContractorA plumbing contractor is more than someone who unclogs a drain or fixes a leak. A contractor fixes a host of problems and installs the new plumbing in a house. He or she also can completely move the plumbing around in an existing structure. There are many moving parts to this job that everyone should know about. These moving parts range from pipe installation and repairs to water treatment systems.

  • New Construction– When a new home or business is being built, new water, drain, and sewer lines have to be installed. A plumbing contractor does this work. The construction company will often turn to us at Ultimate Plumbing to have an experienced licensed North Carolina plumber doing the work. As more homes are built throughout Mooresville, Lake Norman, Huntersville, Cornelius, and beyond, the demand for great plumbers increases.
  • Remodeling- Plumbing remodels are a big deal because a plumbing contractor can take a sink from one side of a room and move it to another. Bathrooms can be added to homes, kitchens moved to different rooms, and so much more. This involves taking out old pipes, running new ones, and ensuring drains and sewers are routed to the right places. There are many strategies involved, and everything has to be planned down to the smallest detail to ensure it is done right. This is usually done in conjunction with home or business remodeling companies that need an experienced plumbing contractor to help them.