Toilet Replacement When something goes wrong with your toilet, you have two choices. You can get it fixed or replace it. While getting it fixed is typically an option, there are some signs that you should just go ahead and get a toilet replacement.

  • You’re Fighting with an Old Low-Flow Toilet- When low-flow toilets first hit the scene, they didn’t have a lot of power. If you have one of the early models, there is a good chance you have to flush it more than once. You also might have to take your plunger to unclog the toilet on a regular basis. If your plunger has become your newest sidekick, a toilet replacement might be right for you. The new low-flow toilets have a lot more power, so you can put these problems behind you.
  • The Tank Is Cracked- If you are constantly mopping up water around your toilet, your tank might be cracked. One of our licensed plumbers can take a look at it. We can determine if it is a crack or a simple leak. If it is a crack, it is time for a toilet replacement.
  • It Constantly Requires Repairs- An occasional repair is one thing, but if you have to call one of our plumbers on a regular basis, it might be time to consider a toilet replacement. When you need regular repairs, it is typically because the toilet’s mechanics are failing, so the problem will persist until you replace it.

Once you get your toilet replacement, you can stop dealing with these problems. Then, you can put your toilet out of mind, which is exactly what you expect with your plumbing.