Bathroom PlumbingA lot of water is used in bathrooms. There are so many different functions that require plumbing in a bathroom, including faucets, toilets, and showers and bathtubs. It’s a place where people need clean water and for everything to be functioning correctly.

Here is a list of some of the most common bathroom plumbing issues we get called to come in and fix:

  • Clogged toilet, sink, or shower
  • Overflowing toilet, sink, or shower
  • Leaking toilet, faucet, or shower head
  • A toilet that is constantly running
  • Water pressure issues

The best way to avoid all of these problems becoming an emergency is to have a plumber regularly inspect your home. At Ultimate Plumbing we are able to quickly diagnose issues and address them before something more serious happens.

Another important way to avoid bathroom plumbing issues is to only flush toilet paper and waste down your toilets. Although other items may physically flush down the toilet, like paper towels or coffee grounds, they can eventually build up and cause blockages in the pipes.

You should call us as soon as you have any leaking or dripping faucets. If you put it off, not only is your utility bill going to be much more expensive, but you could also cause water damage to your home.

If you are experiencing any clogged or slow drains, it’s important to get that cleared out, so you avoid anything overflowing. Obviously any overflowing or leaking can create health hazards, so you want to call about those problems right away.

Following these guidelines will help you avoid common bathroom plumbing issues and keep your bathroom functioning like it should.