The way Lancaster water treatment systems work is pretty complicated, but here we’ll give you a simplistic overview.


The minerals (magnesium, lime, calcium etc.) in your water are sticky substances that build up on household fixtures, dishes, shower walls, and in plumbing pipes. They can also make your hair and skin feel dry or sticky. As water passes through scientifically designed Lancaster water treatment systems, the minerals in the water get a very small surface charge, much like the way a generator makes an electrical charge in copper wiring to produce electricity.
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Obviously, minerals aren’t copper wires, so the charge is extremely small – so small that it is only present at molecular level. The water isn’t ‘electrified’ as such; the minerals are merely ‘stimulated’. This charge causes them to lose their bonding ability or stickiness, and they no longer clump together like tiny stones in the pipes. The resultant effect is that water acts and feels softer, even though the minerals are still there. Moreover, the surface tension of water is reduced, which helps shampoos and soaps work much better.

The charge also has an effect on scale buildups that may exist, which, like the minerals, lose their stickiness. This is basically how Lancaster water treatment systems improve the quality of your water while also increasing water flow and enhancing the efficiency of your water heater.

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