pH neutralizerAcidic water can wreak havoc on your home’s water-based and plumbing equipment, resulting in corrosion, leaks, and shortened life of appliances. A pH neutralizer can prevent these problems and also offer protection against health issues linked to acidic water.

The pH rating in liquid reflects its alkaline or acidic properties on a scale from 0 to 14. High values are considered alkaline or basic, while low pH levels are acidic. Liquids with a pH of 7 have an ideal balance of alkalinity and acidity; they are considered ‘neutral’. For example, pure water has a pH very near to 7, but of course, pure water is not commonly found in municipal or natural water supplies.

Water with a 6.5 pH or less has enough acidity to cause household and health issues. Acidic water causes blue-green stains on bathtubs and sinks, and it can stain laundry. You may also notice that your drinking water has a sour, metallic taste, or that your water-based appliances need frequent maintenance, repair and replacement.

A pH neutralizer raises the pH. Some systems use magnesium and calcium, which increase alkalinity, while others utilize pumps to inject small amounts of sodium carbonate into the water. Any home with acidic water can benefit greatly from a pH neutralizer, but these systems are even more important for households that rely on wells.

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