It’s the middle of summer; the mercury is climbing, and all of a sudden, your air conditioner stops working. While this is an unpleasant situation, it’s pretty common—and one that you might be able to diagnose before calling us for help.

As soon as you notice the AC is not cooling properly, head outside and check if the line to your HVAC is frozen. Yes, even on the hottest dog days of summer, you might see actual ice on your HVAC line. Several things can cause this, including a refrigerant leak and/or a blocked air filter.

If the line is frozen, turn off the HVAC for 24 hours to unthaw it. Our technicians can’t diagnose what’s wrong when there’s ice on the line, so we do need to wait for a day to come out. In the meantime, give us a call and schedule an appointment – we will be there as soon as we can to determine the cause of the frozen line, fix the issue, and get the cold air back where it belongs – in your home, and not on the HVAC line!