Shower InstallationYou may live in an older and/or smaller home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the luxurious shower of your dreams. With constantly advancing technology, there are so many spa-like features that can be included in a new shower installation. You would not regret making some updates to your shower, since it is something that you use every day. Updating a shower will also increase the value of your home.

Here is a short list of some of the luxuries you can experience with a new shower installation:

  • Body jets that spray from the sides of the shower.
  • Built-in shelves or nooks for storing your shower essentials.
  • Unique water features like a waterfall or rainwater.
  • Remote control that allows you to program different settings for different people, such as the exact water temperature and which water features to turn on.
  • Beautiful tile and new fixtures, like a fancy showerhead and knobs.
  • Walk-in-shower, which makes for easy cleaning, since there is no need for a door or shower curtains.

A new shower installation is definitely a great investment to make in your home. Any potential buyer will definitely be able to see the added value that it brings. Plus, just think what a wonderful luxury it would be to be able to get up every day and enjoy a new shower with some of these details.

The features you want and the changes you need to make to your bathroom will require a variety of plumbing jobs. Our team at Ultimate Plumbing is happy to help you through the process of installing a new shower, and we will make sure it is something you’ll love!