drain cleaningOut of sight, out of mind is a foolish philosophy when it comes to handling complex ventilation, sewer, storm and drain systems. While it’s likely that many homeowners have had to deal with a slow-draining shower, a backed-up kitchen sink or a clogged toilet at some time, there is another side to drain cleaning preventative maintenance that is very important for multifamily dwellings.

When a drain blocks in a home, the common course of action is to stop using it until it has cleared, but if this happens in a 25-story high rise, you’ll quickly have a disaster on your hands. Most multistory buildings have risers that, for the most part, don’t cause many issues, with the exception of kitchens. Dishwashers, grease, food waste and garbage disposals all work together to form thick, nasty slime that clings to the sides of riser pipes, eventually blocking them.

Preventative drain cleaning for high-risers involves the use of high-pressure water jets to break down this muck and flush it away with water. This is a particularly necessary procedure if it hasn’t been done in a long time.

Many multistory buildings hire drain cleaning professionals to keep their systems running smoothly to avoid large and expensive problems. These companies offer specialty maintenance services, which include stand traps, garage drains, furnace condensate drains, effluent separators and storm management plans.

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