Plumbing services are a critical component of maintaining the usability of your home and its resale value. Our plumbing company will inspect, maintain and repair your sewage system, fixtures and pipes, and you should also have us regularly clean out your drains.

drain cleaning

Our drain cleaning professionals can save you money and time. Maybe you think that you can unclog a pipe, but if you use too many store-bought chemicals, you could cause serious damage. Also, if you try to take pipes and plumbing fixtures apart to fix a clog, you can damage the pipes significantly and, in the process, cause expensive property damage.

A licensed plumber knows all the techniques and processes required to ensure that your pipes are cleared without causing other problems. He will also have state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment to get rid of blockages.

Often, a blocked pipe isn’t the result of a simple clog. There may be a fractured or broken pipe, or the pipes may be eroding. Only a professional can identify exactly where the problem stems from. Another reason to use a drain cleaning pro is that he will be able to locate the blockage without having to dig up your yard, thereby preserving the beauty of your property. There’s no need to dig deep trenches that could potentially ruin your expensive landscaping!

Chemicals Can Damage Your Pipes . . . Instead, Call the Drain Cleaning Professionals

At Ultimate Plumbing in Mooresville, NC, we specialize in plumbing remodels, drain cleaning, commercial repair and residential construction. Fully licensed, professional and 100% trustworthy – our work speaks for itself!