At Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC, we’ve always made it our mission to give the areas of Iredell County NC and Charlotte metro superior plumbing services. 

Our experienced plumbers understand that whether it’s a commercial or residential plumbing project, a simple faucet installation or repair, or an emergency plumbing repair at 3 in the morning, the job has to be done right the first time every time. 

This hard work and dedication to being the premier plumbing company in the area has paid off for years and made us one of the top-rated plumbers in Iredell County. Now we’re proud to invite our loyal customers and friends to vote for us in the Best of Iredell 2022, where we’ve been nominated for Best Plumbing Company!


What’s the Best of Iredell 2022?

Sponsored by Randy Marion Auto Group, the annual Best of Iredell offers residents the opportunity to vote for their favorite companies, business owners, and best service providers across a wide range of industries. 

Everything from your favorite Mooresville NC CPAs to microbreweries to exotic plants to the best Statesville NC burger spots is represented, so for these providers to have made the shortlist for voting means they are genuinely the best of the best in the area. 

It’s a great way to support your favorite merchants and service providers and discover some new favorites too. For more information and to see the complete list of nominees for the Best of Iredell 2022, click here!


Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC


How, Where, and When to Vote for Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC

Open voting begins March 16th, 2022 and runs through March 30th. The winners will be announced in May. 

To vote for Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC as your favorite plumbing contractor in the Best Plumbing Company category, text the number “849” to (704) 397-3465. 

You can vote once a day per category, so you have plenty of chances to make your voice, and your vote heard. Even better, you can share our ballot with your friends, family, and neighbors, so even more people get to know about the excellent service we take such pride in delivering!

Why is Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC the best plumbing company in Iredell County?

Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC is honored to be the Iredell County plumbing company folks all over the Charlotte area know and trust for their plumbing issues, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our knowledgeable, professional, skilled plumbers are always ready to help with plumbing services and repair solutions, including:

  • Full-Service Plumbing And HVAC
  • Clogged drain clearance
  • Drain cleaning
  • Line cleaning
  • Piping repair
  • Plumbing installed
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Repair and sealing of leaking faucets
  • Repairs and installation of gas and electric water heaters
  • Septic to sewer plumbing systems
  • Sewer lining
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Sink leaks
  • Sump pump installation and repair
  • Tankless water heater installation and service
  • Toilet clog problems
  • Water leak and pipe repairs
  • Air Conditioning Replacement
  • Water main connection and repair
  • And more!

For years, we’ve worked hard to be the best plumbing contractors in North Carolina, consistently going above and beyond to deliver an excellent service experience and superior results at a very reasonable cost to every customer on every job. 

All the management, staff, and employees of Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC are very proud to have been nominated among the best Iredell County plumbers. We look forward to continuing to deliver the highest quality service for all your plumbing needs, no matter how large or small. We want to take this opportunity to offer our thanks to those who nominated us and ask you to please vote for Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC as the best plumbers in Iredell County!

To schedule an appointment for your plumbing issue, or to arrange emergency repair any time of the day or night, call us at (704) 892-5843 or click here to contact us

And to find out more about why Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC is your locally owned and operated Iredell County plumbing contractors, keep reading for our answers to frequently asked questions about plumbing repairs from folks just like you!


Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Plumbing Company in Iredell County

Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC is always here to help with honest answers and straight talk about all your plumbing projects and problems!


Question: How do I know I’m getting the best plumber services in Iredell County from Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC? –Natalie, Huntersville, NC

Answer: At Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC, we take our work seriously, which means working quickly to solve plumbing problems when they arise, without undue pressure or stress on homeowners and business owners. We start by explaining what solutions are available, what we recommend to solve your problem, and provide honest quotes at a fair price. This gives you ownership and control of the situation from the moment we arrive, unlike other plumbing contractors who simply show up, tell you how things need to go, and get started. Thanks to our commitment to making our customers part of the team, we’ve amassed a reliable reputation as Iredell County’s plumbing experts, and we have multiple verified reviews on Yelp!, Google, and Facebook to prove it. So if you need plumbing services in the future, we invite you to give us a call and find out for yourself what makes Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC the most reliable source for plumber services around!


Question: Are lead pipes still used in plumbing? I’ve asked multiple plumber companies, and I always get a different answer. –Jacy, Lake Norman, NC

Answer: Most modern water lines are made of PVC, copper, another synthetic material or, in some cases, clay. The federal government has banned lead pipes, flux, and solder since 1986 because of the well-documented dangers of ingesting lead or other heavy metals that research has consistently shown. Unfortunately, this only applied to new construction and made no effort to remove lead pipes that were already in place. What this means is that in many situations, such as older buildings and city plumbing infrastructures such as sewer and potable water lines under a street, there may still be lead pipes present and affecting the water supply. As these systems are repaired, remodeled, and replaced, the lead pipes must be removed and the systems converted to ABS, PVC, PEX, or rigid copper piping, depending on what’s most appropriate for a given application. If you suspect your home or office has lead pipes, Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC is happy to inspect your plumbing system and help you craft a plan of action to install EPA-compliant plumbing for your and your family’s health and safety!


Question: When I hire an Iredell County plumbing company, what should I check to ensure I’m getting the best service possible? –Branson, Davidson, NC

Answer: Every company’s a little different, but in general, a good company you can rely on will share the following characteristics.

  1. They have the right equipment for the job. 

A plumber probably isn’t going to be highly rated or regarded who shows up with a plunger and a bottle of Drano when you’ve got roots infiltrating your water lines. You should always make sure the plumbing company you choose hires trained experts who know how to do the job the right way, and you’re well within your rights to want and expect that!

  1. They keep their customers happy. 

From the price of services to their privacy policy, they put their customers’ needs first. Of course, having this policy doesn’t mean they never get a bad review; pleasing everyone all the time simply isn’t realistic in a public-facing role like plumbing, and there’s always someone who’s looking for any reason to complain. But their review history says more people rely on them than not.

  • They have a reputation for handling problems with speed, sensitivity, and understanding.

When you have to bring any kind of trade into your environment, they should be just as concerned with fixing the problem fast and creating a safe, healthy, comfortable place to live or work as you are. A top plumber works to see the people who live and work there, not just another job.

Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC is licensed and bonded with the state of North Carolina, and we’re fully insured. 

We take our work seriously and work hard at making even the biggest plumbing problems manageable. More importantly, we understand every customer and situation is a little different, even if the description of the problem sounds like something we’ve seen a thousand times. We give more to our customers, and that’s what sets us apart from your “average” plumber. Call or email us to experience the Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC difference for yourself!   


Question: A house I rent out is on an Iredell County well, but I want to connect to a municipal water system. Can Ultimate Plumbing & HVAC help? –Lamar, Kannapolis, NC

Answer: We can absolutely do this—with a couple of caveats. Whether we can convert your rental property from well water to municipal depends largely on how accessible the municipal water supply is relative to your property and the local regulations for the specific jurisdiction, as both of these points will make a big difference. Your local water department should be able to give you this information.

Another point to consider is that conversion of that type will likely require an excavator and other construction equipment to lay in the necessary piping to get the water from the main to your house. Many homeowners who use wells find this element makes the conversion more of a headache than they want to deal with, but many more find it worthwhile to achieve improved water pressure and much better-tasting water. Ultimate Plumbing & Repair would be happy to go over your project with you and give you a free, no-obligation estimate so you can get an idea of what you can expect your conversion to cost and what we can do to help make it more affordable. We want to help you, your family, and your tenants get the most benefit from municipal water with less hassle. Simply email or call us to schedule a site visit!


Getting the best plumbing company Iredell County has come to rely on to keep your home’s plumbing running smoothly is easier than ever. 

Just click here to contact us or call us at (704) 892-5843 for 24/7/365 service from expert plumbers who care about delivering the best possible customer experience. Whether it’s a small leak, a clogged toilet, or a significant water emergency, we’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you and your family can enjoy a pleasant, properly working home!


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