When a local family recently contacted Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC because they were looking for the best bathroom remodelers around, one of the first things they mentioned was that they were unhappy with their existing bathtub. It wasn’t hard to see why. The existing bathtub, which appeared to be original to the home, was in terrible condition, with cracks around the faucets, chips in the porcelain and clear failure cracks in the sealants. To make matters worse, the tile and wall surrounds were beginning to pull away from the wall due to water damage caused by leakage, which meant the lumber supporting the tub was compromised as well. Perhaps worst of all, the safety accessories were dated and really anything but safe!

Clearly, we needed to replace the entire tub and shower enclosure.

A remodel process including replacement bathtub installation necessarily starts with removing the old tub from the alcove. This of course also necessitates moving the tub, which is not exactly light work, no matter whether the tub in question is an enameled steel clawfoot tub, acrylic tub, fiberglass, porcelain, cultured marble or made of composites. We need to remove and replace any compromised lumber within the alcove, as well as any flooring or subflooring impacted by water infiltration from failing sealant, grout and caulking. Materials, paint colors, doors, tiled surrounds and other design options need to be established and implemented.

Once the tearout was complete, we worked with the homeowners to help them choose the right replacement bathtub solution for them. 

They decided on an acrylic tub surround panel. This material has the advantage of being very easy to clean and offers antimicrobial protection from drain and tub spout to ceiling. As long as the measurements for the tub alcove are correct, the acrylic bathtub panel will fit perfectly into the alcove like a glove, giving the entire family a safe, secure, healthy environment for bathing or soaking.

At this point, we were ready to get the faucet connected, seal in the enclosure and get the family ready to enjoy their beautiful new bathtub! The installation took less than a day, plus another for the sealant to cure, and they were ready to go. We’re proud to report that the homeowners are very pleased with the fresh look of their bathroom and can expect to continue to enjoy the results for many years to come!

Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC proudly serves the Mooresville area with bath remodel and home improvement projects including:
  • Bathtubs
  • Bathtub furniture
  • Bath conversions to shower
  • Replace or install deck whirlpool tubs
  • Installing bath liners
  • Shower to tub conversion
  • Moving the tub
  • Acrylic bathtub
  • Bathtub liner removal
  • Bath remodel
  • Bathtub refinishing
  • Bath replacement
  • Walkin tub installation or replacement

When you want the best in bathtub replacement or a complete bathroom refurbishment and rehab, you want Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC To find out more about bathtub replacement and how we can help, keep reading for our FAQs about bathtub replacement. Click here to contact us or call (704) 892-5843 to make your bathroom look and perform its best for long-lasting results you’ll love, and find out why we’re Mooresville’s plumbing solution of choice for everything from regular and emergency plumbing to complete bathroom and plumbing overhauls!


Frequently Asked Questions About Bathtub Replacement From Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC

Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC has your back with real information, honest answers and straight talk about all your plumbing questions!


Question: How much does a bathroom remodel with tub conversion cost? –Mariah, Mooresville, NC

Answer: The costs to achieve a multi-day remodel of a bathtub or shower can fall between a wide range from a couple of thousand dollars to mid-five figures, depending on a combination of factors to consider. Obviously, the cost to replace the shower or tub enclosure will be an important factor, but it’s far from the only one. Every option, from the type and style of faucet to the kind of tile or surround and flooring you choose, will impact the cost. The size and shape of the space, whether the plumbing needs to be upgraded or adapted, and other considerations may change the final expense radically. To see how affordable replacing an old bathtub or a full remodel can be, call Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC or click here for a free estimate!


Question: Which is better: tile or acrylic tub and shower enclosures? –Elena, Mooresville, NC

Answer: The measure of which is better really depends on what you’re looking for in your enclosure. Some people, especially those with very young children, elderly family members, or residents who are immunocompromised, will opt for the easy cleaning and antibacterial properties of an acrylic enclosure. Meanwhile, people who want to put their own unique style stamp on the space may choose tiles such as porcelain, cultured marble, granite, or stone. Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC is proud to offer a wide range of finishes, colors, and materials for your bathroom so you can get the style you want and need at a price that fits your budget and lifestyle. Click here to contact us, or call (704) 892-5843 for a free estimate!


Question: I got a great deal on a used clawfoot tub and want to make it the centerpiece of my bathroom, but I don’t have a clue where to start. Can Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC help?

Answer: Absolutely! We have years of experience with all sorts of plumbing, fixtures, fittings, and enclosures, from sleek and modern showers to the classic beauty of clawfoot bathtubs. When we meet with you to evaluate the space and give you an estimate, we’ll go over what your preferred aesthetic options are and how you envision the finished space, so we can make sure you get the look you want at a price you’ll love!


Question: Why shouldn’t I just DIY my tub to shower conversion and save myself some money? –Murray, Mooresville, NC

Answer: We strongly do not recommend attempting to do any plumbing-related renovations on your own. Many people erroneously believe they can just pop down to The Home Depot, plunk down the tub cost and call it good. What they don’t take into account is that the cost to install is subject to but by no means limited by the bathtub cost. There is also the time and effort involved in pulling out and removing the old tub; the risk of a spiraling replacement cost if the job is done improperly; and even the tools you’ll need to do the job, which include but are by no means limited to:

  • Hand tools
  • Wrenches
  • Safety glasses
  • Pliers
  • Gloves
  • Tape measures
  • Sunglasses
  • Circular saws
  • Paint
  • Screwdrivers
  • Crowbars
  • And more

Now, granted, you might have some or most of these in your toolbox, garage or shed already. But if you don’t do the job right or go for instant results, you could be looking at months of being down a bathroom and a huge bill to bring in a licensed contractor, as opposed to bringing in professionals with the proper licensing, skills and reputation for delivering excellence Mooresville homes deserve. Even the tiniest deviation in measurement on a shoe or flange can throw off the entire project.

So, you need to ask yourself: Does that sound like a good use of your time and effort? Or would you rather let someone else do the heavy lifting while you relax, knowing the job is being done right the first time, every time?


Question: What’s the difference between a bathroom remodel and having the tub replaced? –Wesley, Mooresville, NC

Answer: A bathtub remodel, bathtub repair and bathtub replacements all require similar tools but lead to vastly different results. Understanding the difference can greatly influence prices. A bathtub repair could be as simple as refinishing or as complex as fixing a damaged section where the bracing lumber beneath has been compromised. A bathtub replacement requires actually removing the existing tub and bringing in a new one, whereas a bathroom remodel involves completely changing the appearance of your bathroom and updating the fixtures. Mistaking the three can end you up with a lot of stuff you don’t need, while leaving you without the tools you really need to do the job.

Perhaps more importantly, too many people who want to DIY the job greatly overestimate their contractor skills, meaning they may have to bring in professionals to repair the replacement tub installation, which was shoddily executed. Even worse, this could void the limited lifetime warranty new bathtubs usually include and greatly increase the installation cost. Also, the state of North Carolina requires homeowners who want to do their own home improvements to be certified by the state and have the improvements inspected by a licensed state inspector. We’re confident you’ll find it much easier and less stressful to let us do the work than attempt to handle both the actual job and navigate the maze of laws and regulations concerning plumbing on your own!

Question: I’m a real estate investor who needs a standing licensed contractor to take on my account of rental and commercial properties. Can Ultimate Plumbing and HVAC help me? –Arkady, Mooresville, NC

Answer: We are always happy to work with new clients, whether our skills are used for simple renovations, new installations or 24/7/365 emergency plumbing repairs. Feel free to contact us via email by clicking here or call us at (704) 892-5843 to discuss your needs with our friendly, professional staff!