Hard WaterHard water is water that is composed of high levels of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. The water basically accumulates minerals as it moves. Hard water is used for drinking water and for all of the other basic needs for water in your home. Although hard water is not a health hazard, it does cause other issues.

Here are 5 common issues caused by hard water:

  1. It causes a buildup of minerals on appliances that leaves them looking dirty, especially right after cleaning them.

  2. Minerals can be deposited inside your piping and can build up over time, causing drainage problems.

  3. Hard water leaves laundry looking gray and dull since it is harsher on fabrics and colors than soft water.

  4. There are visible smudges from mineral deposits on the dishes, which leaves them looking dirty after being cleaned.

  5. You’re actually unable to bathe as well when using hard water because it makes it difficult for soap to lather and inhibits total soap removal. This can leave your hair and skin feeling sticky after showering.

It is best to avoid these problems by filtering your water. It can be incredibly frustrating to spend time and energy cleaning and doing household chores, just to feel like everything would look better if you hadn’t done those chores. You want to make sure your home is being cared for in the best way, and eliminating hard water is definitely something to consider.

There are a variety of different options for how to appropriately deal with hard water. As professionals, we are here to help you make the choices that will be best for your home and family. Call us today at Ultimate Plumbing for more information.