At one time or another, you’ve probably run into a home repair project and thought you could take care of it on your own by putting your repair “expertise” to good use with the help of a few YouTube videos. Although this might work for you some of the time, there are a few situations in which it’s essential that you let a professional plumber help.

  • Your bathtub won’t drain–Since bathtub clogs only get worse the longer they’re left alone, you should call so we can send a plumber over to your home. This way, you don’t end up with standing water in your tub and you can make sure the obstruction isn’t part of a bigger problem.
  • A faucet keeps dripping–At some point, you’ve probably lived with a dripping faucet. Although a slow drip in your kitchen or bathroom might not seem like that big of a deal, letting the problem remain without calling a plumber can waste a significant amount of water.
  • Water isn’t flowing correctly–Inconsistent or poor water pressure throughout your home can indicate a serious problem. Although an issue with the water pressure with one appliance might just mean some mineral buildup needs to be cleaned up, water pressure issues throughout the home could mean there’s something wrong with the supply line.

A plunger isn’t helping a clogged toilet–Have you plunged and plunged and yet that clog just won’t budge? Save yourself the aggravation by having us come and a look at what’s going on.